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Goran Duo



University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Thursday, January 29 2004



The Gufs
Press Release: The Gufs at Summerfest 2003

Due to the overabundance of misinformation, we want to set the record straight regarding Summerfest and the status of the band.

First and foremost: We have not broken up. Despite our lack of performing and recording, we are still together as a band, just not actively working.

Second: After ten years of playing Summerfest, for reasons beyond our control, festival management was unable to extend an acceptable invitation to us this year. While being previously informed of our availability, Summerfest chose to offer us one option, which directly conflicted with a charity event we are all involved with. As a result, no other dates were made available to us or even offered to correct the situation.

Upon hearing the news, we were collectively disappointed at their decision not to include us in this years line up. Just as it has become a tradition for many of you to see us each year at Summerfest, it has also been a tradition for us to perform in our hometown for our fans. We are saddened that we will not be there to play for you this year.

Finally: We have decided to let you know that we will be performing and recording a live album here in Milwaukee this fall. We feel that after fifteen years together a live record documenting our music would mean a lot to all of our fans.