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The Gufs









Since The Gufs' inception back in 1990, the Midwest-based quartet grew steadily from a series of independent CD releases to drawing ever-larger audiences to shows in the Midwest and throughout the country. In 1996, they exploded on the national scene with their first self-titled Atlantic release. Two singles glided over the airwaves, "Crash (Into Me) and "Smile." The Gufs' second national release, Holiday From You, hit stores in early 1999 amidst a flutter of excitement. From the first single, "Last Goodbye" to the rockin' release of "Stuck," Goran
demonstrated his talent for crafting catchy pop tunes that rock, and knows how to let the music speak for itself.

The Gufs are: Goran Kralj (vocals and guitar), Dejan Kralj (bass), Morgan Dawely (lead guitar and vocals) and Scott Schwebel (drums).
As of July 2002 The Gufs have been on hiatus. They say its just temporary and that they will be back better than ever!

In the meanwhile Goran Kralj has been working on his side project band, yet to be named. They have played a few festivals in the area and plan to release a album in the near future.